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SPF 30 PA++ Type: CC Cream Use: Dual-functional cosmetics Whitening & Anti-wrinkle Form: Cream Volumes: 30ml   [Differences between BB Cream & CC Cream]




[The Special Features] Complexion Control + Brightening. Makes your skin look sleek and luminous while keeping it moisture all day long (basic skincare + makeup benefit). With emulsion powder in the cream softly applied onto the skin, your face stays bright and healthy without any oiliness. Soothes skin troubles making face look natural as ever. [How To Use] 1. Apply toner on clean face. 2. Gently put essence or moisturizer on face. 3. Apply CC cream carefully on face.

[The Main Ingredients]



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                                                                                  What is Ipomea Hederacea Callus Culture Extract?

  • Callus is a mass of cells. It means that meristem generated around wounds is formed when plants get wounded.
  • This Callus is often called “stem cells of plants”.


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