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Very light and not sticky at all!


i hate smilling with my teeth showing tbh..but pleasee trust me this cc cream is worth to buy,seriously. It makes my skin clean & clear most of the time. very light and not sticky at all! go and buy @hansaegeenature

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Nurulellynaa reviewed on June 28, 2016

Syifa pakai cream ni dah tak payah pakai bedak…


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syifamajid reviewed on June 26, 2016

makeup pun tahan lama…


Haa sapa haritu nak tau yana pakai apa klu keluar jalan2? Nah yana share sikit yana pakai ape.

Loose powder from @hansaegeenature. Nak muka nampak natural,glowing,dan makeup pun tahan lama,awak blh apply loose powder ni jaaa. Byk lg ada,cc cream,makeup base,awak2 boleh jenguk ig @hansaegeenature

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Diyana Lukman reviewed on June 26, 2016

never disappoints me…


Saheera Bhaseer reviewed on June 20, 2016

my fav cc cream,ever!

Nurulellynaa - CC Cream 18th June 2016

Nurulellynaa reviewed on June 18, 2016

My fav cc cream ever!

AMIRA EDZWAN SHAH - CC Cream 15th June 2016

AMIRA EDZWAN SHAH reviewed on June 16, 2016

Gold Nano CC Cream…

theaireennatasya - CC Cream 16th June 2016

This Gold Nano CC Cream all in 1 cream. It is day cream which consists of makeup function. It can change color to meet your skin tone,so brighten your skin naturally,skin look glowing with natural,and can use as makeup base, balance skin tone. Besides,for skin care part,it keep your skin moisture,not oily,not sticky,light feeling when used. And it also have sun protection SPF30 PA++ ,Anti-wrinkle,elastic function. Is a new concept for elastic lustrous skin. More information visit @hansaegeenature now! Check them out! BIG THANKYOU @hansaegeenature

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Aireen Natasya reviewed on June 16, 2016

cc cream ni soft sngt bila pakai kt muka!

NurAmiraSuziana CC Cream 13th June 2016

Kita kasi close up muka mangkuk nah :P CC cream dari @hansaegeenature ni soft sngt bila pakai kt muka! Cujie plak mmg xsuka pakai bedak so bila ada product cmni sng calit-2 and go je :)

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NurAmiraSuziana reviewed on June 13, 2016

my holygrail(s): Makeup base in Green and Twin Cake Compact powder..

Saheera Bhaseer - Make Up Base + TwinCake 9th June 2016

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Saheera Bhaseer reviewed on June 9, 2016

light texture ever….

Nurulellynaa - CC Cream 8th June 2016

baa :P for those yang baru follow ellyna,this is my fav cc cream from @hansaegeenature  light texture ever and the most important thing is not sticky at all. kalau ellyna malas nak pakai makeup,ellyna pakai cc cream ni je bila keluar :)

Nurulellynaa reviewed on June 8, 2016

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