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With background in pharmaceutical medicine, Beauty Clinic is a medical cosmetic academic research, professional development cosmetics beauty care institution in Seoul, South Korea.

Beauty Clinic South Korea won five patents, a national scientific honor. Beauty Clinic is continuously seeking higher quality products and services, bringing the most cutting-edge medical technology products and services to customers, to enhance greater beauty and health.

Beauty Clinic’s line of products, is 100% Korean manufactured, with patented formulation through clinical trials, proven to improve not only problem brought on because of skin sensitivity , but also to guide the growth of healthy skin.

Beauty Clinic has a variety of cosmetic skin care line, different products, specially for Asian skin types, for each consumer to gain a reliable and unique skin care range.

This is a cosmedical brand that was created and tested by aesthetic specialists using principles of treatments used on beauty clinics for skin troubles most common to women.

Uses a highly concentrated formulation of natural materials.



Mineral Make Up for fancy urban ladies!

The brand name is from the Korean word “Bwatji”
It’s a premium makeup brand for fancy urban women who are confident in their beauty and changes and can express themselves.