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1. How do I create an account with Hansaegee Nature?


1. First, click on the “Sign Up” button on the top right side. You can also register an account when you checkout.



2. Secondly, fill in all the details and password, then click “Submit” once you’re done.



3. After clicking “Submit”, your registration will be complete, and you will receive an confirmation email from Hansaegee Nature.

In between, please click “Manage Addresses” to input your Shipping Address and detail.


And you are done. Welcome to Hansaegee Nature!



2. How do I edit the information on “My Account”?
Click on the ‘My Account’ tab at the top right hand side of the page. You will come to the page “My Dashboard”, scroll down to find your Account Information, click on ‘Edit’, then change your details as needed, and finally, click the ‘Save’ button to ensure your details have been saved.


3. What is “Address Book” and how do I change or add addresses?
Under “Address Book” you can store additional addresses for future orders. Please note that any changes or adjustments to the address must always be made in advance of a purchase order as we are unable to amend any changes of addresses after the order is made.

To change or add new addresses, click on the “Edit Address” or “Manage Address” button and either add a new address or change your default billing/delivery address, and finally, click the ‘Save Address’ button to ensure your details have been saved.


4. How do I view orders I’ve made?
Click on “My Account”, then click on the “My Orders” tab on the left hand side. This is where you are able to see the orders you have made with us along with the corresponding order number. Use information from this tab whenever you need to change or check the status of your orders with us.


5. How do I Change my password?
Click on “My Account”, then click on the “Account Information”, and click the “Change Password”. Key in your Current Password and New Password, and finally, click the “Save” button. Your password changed successfully.


6. What are newsletters and why should I subscribe to it?
Newsletters are usually used to keep you up to date with latest promotion, new products, and product highlights.