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1. Member can use points to make purchase products by redeem your reward points during make order.

2. Minimum point can be redeemed per purchase = 100 points.

3. Redeem 100 points = RM1.00

4. Points can be earned during every time you purchase products.

5. Other than purchase products, other  points can be earned from Free Points on certain condition.

6. Earn points of every product is different, it stated under the price of every product.

7. Reward point is only applicable to our dear member. Non- member is not entitled for reward points.

8. Free points:

            Condition        Free Points
        Sign Up Member             50
*** Coming Soon ***


How can i know my reward points balance?

To see your reward points balance, “Log In” to your account, and your points is show in Yellow Color at the top right of the screen. Click the point, you will come to the page “My Reward Points” to check for detail.


Or after “Log In”, click “My Account” on the top right side, and then click “My Reward Points” at the right side of the page to check for detail.


My Reward Points



How to use points to purchase products? / How to redeem points?

To redeem points during you purchase products, make order as normal and when enter into your “Shopping Cart”, make sure all your order correct and “Update Shopping Cart”, then go to the “REWARD POINTS”, key in the points you would like to redeem, system will auto  recalculate. Finally click “Proceed to Checkout” as normal.



Why does my reward points show “Pending”?

Points will add on to account only while order status is “complete”, therefore if your order status show “Pending” or “Processing”, the reward points will not add on to your account yet (that is why it show “Pending” ). The reward points will auto add on to your account once the order status become “Complete”, that means once your parcel shipped, the reward points will add on automatically.