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An Easy Facial Regime at Hhome

And then the next step is of course, cleanse your face with the right facial wash for you! If you have acne-prone skin, it’s good that you invest in some of the acne care products that has a tea tree oil in it to be your daily facial cleanser. Because the components like the tea tree oil and Portulaca oleracea extract, can really help those trouble skin, and soothe your irritated face………………..

Cleansing foam

 I kinda like this facial wash because not only does it smell so good, but it also gives me this refreshing kind of feeling after I used it…which I like so much!

As a soft, low-acid gel-type cleanser that is close to the optimum skin pH, it maximally reduces skin stimulus more than other general alkaline type products (sore eyes, burning, etc.) So since it is not too harsh for the skin, I would usually use it twice, each time I wash my face…to make sure that I really cleanse my face!

So if you’re the type that is really, really lazy to put on some toner, essence, serum, moisturizer, etc etc after a looooong and tiring day you had, and you just wanna doze off quickly, I would really suggest that you do this final step in your skincare regime! It’s really easy, so don’t be lazy! (hey, it rhymes! hehe)

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