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……...dia punye texture dia sgt2 lah melembapkan..konfum kulit x kering..very soft and creamy but not thick, not greasy ..not stick!!


memang best giler pakai sbb bila apply je kat muke..nampak mcm sangat natural padahal kite pakai cream kn..langsung x oily tau sbb dia anti sweat tau..x payah reaplied berjuta kali sbb dia long lasting..memang awesome sgt2 this product..!



nurulbadiah 2


my activity for the whole day during weekend!beach time!

xrisau u olllss sebab kalu i pakai sun cream ni..memang konfiden kulit i tak kan hangus or rosak or berminyak walaupun berjemur like omputih kat pantai!



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so nilah benda yg wajib ade dlm my handbag tau!sebab kadang2 i berhenti nk solat so terpaksalah apply balik kt muke hehehe..senang nk dibawa!



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Jaga wajah anda dengan Hansaegee ! Comel seperti artis Kpop !


Tanggapan pertama aku pada sun cream ni, aku agak ia mesti sama atau lebih kurang je macam sunblock yang ada di pasaran sekarang. Tapi bila aku gunakannya, jangkaan aku meleset sama sekali.



Tekstur Beauty Clinic Medieu Sensitive Sun Cream ni sangat ringan dan lembut, tidak terlalu pekat dan melekit seperti sun block biasa. Ia juga ada make-up base combination,…………

Bila disapu pada muka, ia cepat menyerap ke dalam kulit dan tidak bercapuk seperti memakai foundation atau BB cream. Tona warnanya amat bersesuaian hampir semua jenis kulit sebab aku siap bagi kawan aku yang kulitnya lebih cerah mencuba Sensitive Sun Cream ni.


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Untuk muka yang tak berapa nak flawless

I have no complaints on the mask sheet seriously, it fits my skin perfectly and it adheres to my skin very well while I’m studying. No slipping off and the essence is not dripping whatsoever. The mask sheet is heavily soaked with the essence and the thin silk cellulose mask sheet helps to enhance the absorption of the essence even better. Officially, I am really hooked!

Oh I haven’t finished. I have to rave about the sunscreen……………

The texture is very light. It spreads like a charm and although it is slightly tinted, it leaves my skin looking natural as possible. It’s very mild and doesn’t sting my face in a way my previous sunscreen did and it’s catered for sensitive skin. What’s not to love? This acts as a makeup base and it hydrates my skin as well.

So there you go, three in one. Great sunscreen, has moisturizing effects, and performs as a makeup base as well. I’m sticking to this from now on.

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Could Beauty Clinic’s Sensitive Sun Cream be the Sunscreen I have been looking for?

Well, for starters, I love the packaging of this sunscreen!  It’s a 60ml tube and fits exactly into my hands.  I love products with silvery/chrome covers/lids like this one, and it’s the twist-lock type of cap too!  With an SPF 50+/PA+++, it’s definitely sufficient to protect the face against the harsh rays of the sun.

This Sensitive Sun Cream actually doubles up as a makeup base too, and you will see that it is slightly tinted.

The consistency is thick, but easily spreadable.  It sort of melts into the skin when I apply it, and is perfect as a makeup base.  Upon initial application, it felt slightly oily, and I was afraid it was going to feel sticky and oily after that, but thankfully it left my skin smooth and hydrated after 1-2 minutes.  My face did not look shiny with oil but instead moisturized and ready for makeup……….

And oh yeah…it definitely did not result in a whitish cast on my face after application, like some sunblocks with zinc oxide can.  This could be due to the fact that it’s tinted and not white in color.  I was also thankful I did not break out in rashes after a week’s usage of this product, which shows that I’m not allergic to it.  Yay!

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Tinted Sun Cream Is My New Foundation! :)

Today I would like to share with you girls about my new tinted sunblock that I love so much! I have been searching for the best tinted moisturizer/sunblock that doesn’t cost a bomb for my everyday wear, but still give me a great result……….

Because of this sun screen, I now can do my everyday look in less than 10 minutes, because I can skip the make up base, foundation and blending, etc part!……………..



Anyway, so this cream is basically what I needed – it has SPF 50+ / PA+++, and provides strong shield against UV A, and UV B. It’s tinted, so it’s naturally correct the skin tone (and I don’t have to wear another layer of foundation or BB Cream or whatever – but it can be used as a make up base as well!), it’s lightweight, it’s VERY moisturizing, it has a very soft & creamy texture but not thick nor greasy/sticky – which makes it so easy to blend! (just perfect texture! ^__^), it’s great for sensitive skin like mine! (Cactus extract calms irritated skin, and this product is safe to use on young children). It’s long lasting and waterproof (up to 12 hours! Its water resistance prevents it from being washed away by sweat or water). Oh, it has everything that I need in a tube!

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